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Courage 7 & 8: Whole-School Program - Abuse & Bullying Prevention (Intermediate Level)

Prevention education program for intermediate level students

Age Group: Grades 7-12 students

Format: Three 60-minute sessions offered to each class. During Session 3, students are divided up into male- and female-identified groups for specific sessions (Girls receive self-defense course; boys participate in discussions regarding consent, rights and responsiblities)

Themes: Peer aggression, known adult aggression, self-esteem, rights, responsibilities, consent

Strategies: Peer support, adult support, self-assertion, self-defense

Pedagogy: Discussion, role play, exercises and activities, self-defense (for girls)

Additional details
  • Workshops for adults (parents and staff) are offered prior to student workshops
  • Students will have access to short review sessions with facilitators following their workshops (in pre-arrange location outside of classroom)
  • Teachers are not present during workshops