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Whole-School Program - Bullying Prevention (JK-8)

Bullying Prevention Program for Whole-School Change

Age Group: Preschool, Elementary, Intermediate

Format: Two 60-minute workshops for elementary level (format adjustments for preschool and intermediate)

Theme: Learn about and prevent bullying at school

Strategies: Constructive strategies for intervening, reflections on bullying, peer support, getting adult support

Pedagogy: Discussion, role play, games and exercises

Additional details
  • The CAP Project is a prerequisite for ACT
  • ACT is available in adapted format for preschool, elementary and junior high school students.
  • Students will have access to short review sessions with facilitators following their workshops.
  • Schools receiving the ACT program will also participate in 1 parent workshop (prior to students’ sessions), and 2 staff workshops (staff who have participated COPA’s Power to Change workshop do not need to participate in these)
  • Schools receiving the program will also participate in distribution of school climate survey with focus on bullying, as well as two committee meetings led by COPA team.