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Whole-School Program - Bullying Prevention (Elementary)

Elementary school children (Preschool program also available: ACT Preschool)

Age Group: Grades 1-6

Format: 75-minute workshop offered to each class, beginning with youngest grades

Themes: Rights, Peer violence (including bullying), Stranger Assault, Known Adult Assault

Strategies: Introduction to rights, Self-assertion, Peer support, Adult Support

Pedagogy: Discussion, role play, self-defense

Additional details
  • Adult Workshops offered to staff (1) and parents and caregivers (1) prior to program delivery for students
  • Students will have access to short review sessions with facilitators following their workshops, in pre-arranged locations outside of classroom.
  • Teacher is asked to stay in classroom during the workshop, and if possible participate in role play (pre-arranged)
  • JK and SK: 3 short sessions with smaller groups and review time following each session (in classroom). Teacher present, and additional tools used: puppets, songs, games, etc.)
  • The CAP Project was created in 1978 by a local sexual assault center in Columbus, Ohio. It has been offered to millions of children all over the world.
  • In offering the CAP Project for elementary schools and preschool students, COPA is affiliated with ICAP (the International Center for Assault Prevention).