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"This was clearly one of the best workshops I’ve ever attended.  You’ve provided strategies that are very practical and offered references that will be useful in our schools. You kept a roomful of teachers engaged – and that can be a challenge."

"This year, feedback from students was that staff members are different… ‘stuff’ does not get swept under the rug—it gets dealt with properly… Our staff’s concerns have been met with the training from COPA for staff, and students."

"I liked the initial video with the students and teachers talking about equity from their persepectives. It was very infuential and profound. I feel as though I have a stronger desire to teach about and be equitable in the classroom and in the world."

"It is important that we learn about our rights at a young age because freedom and safety are very important in our lives."

"I can imagine standing up for my classmates now."

"I feel less worried about being myself, now that the other students have gotten this training."



" COPA presentations should be mandatory for all teachers and administrators in schools. Additionally, any agency that supports children and youth would greatly benefit from COPA’s knowledgeable staff and user-friendly resources."


Family Service of Toronto

" Collaborating with COPA has been invaluable to us at FST. (Its) impact on our organization and the services we provide has been profound. COPA has created tools and resources that are in active use by our families, staff and individuals clients. (Its) resources are easy to access, strength-based, respectful, empowering and responsive to the individuals we support and the trauma they have faced. They workshops that COPA has facilitated… have created space for safe, supportive and empowering dialogue and skill development that has been deeply impacted the quality of wok and support we provide…"


Canadian Centre for Victims of Torture

" We (observed) first-hand the organization’s capacity to create high-quality and effective resources, training and programming. Furthermore, COPA has successfully supported community development through its collaborative and consultative approach."


Glendon College, York University, Faculty of Education

"COPA’s resources are outstanding teaching and learning materials. Each COPA resource deals with fundamental issues key to Ontario’s young people, all the while respecting their needs, interests, and personal experiences. Teacher training programs across the province should absolutely engage with these materials. I am grateful for COPA’s contributions to our province’s education system and young people. "



COPA is the recipient of three important awards, the Greer Prize (Ontario Teachers' Federation), and the Canadian Teachers' Federation national prize -both- for outstanding contributions to the quality of public education in Ontario and Canada. COPA also received Clé de Voute (FESFO) for its contribution to positive social change for girls and women.

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