Mandate and Approach

COPA's Mandate

COPA supports the establishment of high quality assault prevention education programming in Ontario, as well as the creation of new tools and resources for assault prevention.

This is carried out by:

  • ensuring the transfer of information and resources to new communities throughout Ontario;

  • helping facilitate program and resource access to and support for under-serviced and isolated communities;

  • ensuring that new curriculum, resources and tools are created, evaluated and disseminated in a timely and appropriate fashion;

  • fostering the development and consolidation of potential/actual partnerships whose mandate is distinct yet linked;

  • supporting the expansion of COPA's capacity to create, provide and disseminate resources consistent with its vision and approach.


COPA’s Approach

COPA strives for the creation of safe, strong and free communities, with a focus on the following elements:

  • The recognition of the social minority status of children (and youth) and commitment to policy, initiatives and practices that foster individual and collective empowerment.

  • The recognition of Francophone social minority status in Ontario and commitment to policy, initiatives and practices imagined, developed and managed by and for Francophones.

  • The recognition of systemic inequality and discrimination and commitment to policy, initiatives and practices that foster positive social change.

  • The recognition of and commitment to a feminist and anti-oppression analysis and model that inform policy, initiatives and practices.

  • The recognition of the reality of geographically and socially isolated communities in Ontario and commitment to active outreach, collaboration and service provision in regions that are typically under-serviced.

COPA's Goals:

  • To develop, consolidate, and disseminate quality assault prevention educational resources for children and youth based on recognized best practices;

  • To engender individual and collective commitment to faciltiating empowerment and fostering safe, strong and free environments for children and youth; and,

  • To help consolidate and support a Franco-Ontarian resource network in the field of child and youth violence prevention.