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"When I was 8 years old something happened to me – a few times. I was sexually assaulted. After I began high school, my class started COPA. COPA changed my life. They made me feel comfortable and open so I could explain my issues to them, without being terrified. Every since COPA has helped me, I’ve been a much happier person. Your safety and being you is important and that’s one thing that should never be taken away from you."

 - Courtney McMurter              
COPA Workshop Participant


  Canadian children are vulnerable:   Canadian children are hurt:
  • 1 million children have witnessed violence against their mothers by their father figures
  • At least 43% of all girls experience sexual violence before 16
  • LGBTQ youth are 5x more likely to attempt suicide
  • 25% of Aboriginal adults have been sexually abused before 18
  • Children with developmental differences are 5x more likely to experience abuse
  • Nearly 50% of women with a history of homelessness were sexually abused in childhood

Children who experience or live with violence are more likely to ...

  • feel loneliness and despair
  • consider or attempt suicide
  • self-mutilate, have eating disorders, be substance abusers
  • be aggressive, bully others, be in conflict with the law
  • feel anxious, depressed, have sleeping disorders
  • struggle to learn, stay in and succeed at school find and keep a job
  • find and keep a job
  • have difficulty in intimate relationships


The physical and sexual abuse of girls and women alone costs the Canadian economy over $4 billion each year, counting costs related to social services, the justice system, employment and health care.

COPA is an award-winning center of excellence in the field of bullying and violence prevention, as well as equity and inclusion.

COPA is a unique non-profit organization that provides services and resources designed to prevent child abuse. We reach out to young people and the adults in their lives, to help break the cycle of violence.

COPA’s mandate is to ensure that young people have access to the necessary tools, resources and skills to navigate their relationships, including the ability to affirm their own rights while maintaining the rights of others.

Over 135,000 children and youth and adult members of Ontario’s school system have received at least one of COPA’s unique and effective school-based assault prevention programs.