About COPA

Providing innovative skills, tools, resources, expertise and training

COPA's Goals:

  • To develop, consolidate, and disseminate high quality assault prevention educational resources for children and youth based on recognized best practices;

  • To engender individual and collective commitment to facilitating empowerment and fostering safe, strong and free environments for children and youth; and,

  • To help consolidate and support a Franco-Ontarian resource network in the field of child and youth violence prevention.

COPA is a Francophone provincial non-profit organization with charitable status.

Our goal is to prevent child abuse and promote positive social change. Since it was founded over twenty years ago, over 150,000 students and adults have received our whole-school educational programs in both French- and English-language schools in Ontario.

COPA strives for the recognition of human rights - in particular, children’s rights, and those of social groups who are particularly vulnerable to discrimination and abuse.

Our innovative, practical and inspiring programs and multimedia resources are evidence-based, and founded on principles of equity and inclusion. They are designed to reach out to all, including those who typically don’t have a voice, and may feel left out.

At the heart of COPA’s work is a commitment to ensuring that all of us feel that we belong and that we all have meaningful opportunities to nurture safe, strong and free schools and communities – young people, parents, guardians, siblings, teachers, administrators, support staff, associated professionals and community workers.

COPA is the Provincial Coordinator of the Francophone Settlement Workers’ in Schools Program, supported by CIC.

Our contributions to enhancing the quality of public education have been officially recognized with awards by the Ontario Teachers’ Federation, the Ontario Francophone Teachers’ Association (AEFO), both of whom actively collaborate with COPA, and the Canadian Teachers’ Federation.

COPA is unique  

  • COPA provides much-sought-after and regionally appropriate resources for students of all ages, schools staff, parents, guardians, caregivers and community players throughout Ontario.
  • COPA provides a wide range of whole-school programs and workshops, each one oriented to different age groups or focusing on different themes. 
  • COPA offers unique and specialized training, consultation, curriculum development, evaluation, coalition-building and policy-development in the field of child and youth assault prevention and building healthy, equal relations at home, at school and in the community. 
  • COPA understands violence and bullying as an equity and social inclusion issue. Our analysis is feminist, rights-based and posits empowerment as the key strategy for meaningful-long-lasting comprehensive positive change. 
  • COPA collaborates with a number of provincial associations, such as the Ontario Human Rights Commission and the Ontario Teachers' Federation.
  • COPA helps develop and explore promising practices in the field of child and youth assault prevention and in supporting the establishment and dissemination of high quality prevention education programs and resources.