COPA’S Funding Partners

Financial support for COPA’s activities is provided by a wide range of provincial and federal sources:

Provincial Government, Ontario: Various departments of the Ministry of Education have provided funding for over 20 years. The Office of Francophone Affairs has been a consistent contributor, as well as Ministry of the Status of Women. Funding has been awarded by the Ontario Trillium Foundation over the years, along with the Ministry of Children and Youth Services. As long as it was functioning, the Ministry of Northern Development and Mines provided funding to COPA and partners.

Federal Government, Canada: Funding has been allocated since 2007 by Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship Canada to ensure that COPA functions as the Provincial Coordinator of the French-language SWIS (TEE) network providing leadership, resources and training to teams offering this program, around the province.


COPA’s Community Partners — Local and Provincial

COPA offers curriculum, resources, training and support focusing on our particular approach to prevention (empowerment-based), along with general advocacy for a global commitment to violence prevention.

COPA partners with a range of provincial groups, such as the Ontario Teachers' Federation (OTF), the Francophone Ontario Teachers’ Association (AEFO) Teachers’ Federation, White Ribbon Campaign, and the Ontario Human Rights Commission.

COPA collaborates with local, regional and provincial partners around the province. These include women’s centres and women’s shelters, community health centres, school boards, schools and community agencies.

These creative collaborations support curriculum development, training, evaluation, implementation and dissemination.